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Through a unique blend of service offerings, we work in partnership with our customers and with our extensive network of carriers to deliver reliable and worry free with every vehicle shipped treating them like our own.

Open Carrier

When looking to ship your car the fastest and cheapest way is an open hauler. Your car will be shipped in one of these trucks with 5 to 10 other cars on the trailer.

Not all the time an open truck will be a big 18 wheeler. Sometimes your car will be picked up on an open truck with a 4 car carrier trailer attached to it, this is also considered open truck.

JMR Logistix Auto Transport Enclosed Carrier

Enclosed Carrier

We offer the enclosed carrier option, shielding your precious vehicle from the rain, dirt and road grime. Your car will be shipped in one of these trucks with 5 to 7 other cars on the trailer.

International Car Shipping


We are able to cover your auto move from state to state and across the country. Having a vast network of carriers that specialize in open and enclosed auto transport allows us to be very competitive in a crowded market place. Moving vehicles in the continental US and to major cities is usually quicker than remote areas, and that is due to the number of vehicles moving from such cities. For hard to reach areas we suggest that you book your auto shipping with us at least two weeks in advance (that doesn’t mean we can’t move your vehicle at a short notice) to allow us to route a carrier to your location of pick up.


Our Customers


Moving is stressful and eventful. Whether you’re relocating across the country or a few states over, the planning, finding empty boxes, and all that packing tape can seem endless. One of the important tasks during a move is getting your personal vehicle – or vehicles – to your new home. That’s where we help you lighten your load. We will pick up your personal vehicle at your current home, transport it carefully and have it waiting when you arrive at your new home.



Oh! Its getting cold out

No need to worry about that cross-country drive you dreaded all year for. Save on the road-trip expenses such as hotels, tolls and fuel, not to mention all those miles on your car. From  Boston to Fort Lauderdale, or Seattle to San Diego, we’ll move your vehicle so you can relax and enjoy the fruits of life you've worked hard for. Our professional drivers will transport your personal vehicles safely freeing your mind to enjoy the pleasures of life.


It's that time of year and home are miles apart Would you:

  • Drive cross-country, risking mechanical trouble and spend on the road-trip expenses

  • Leave it behind and pay for Uber/Lyft all the time

Our affordable car transport service will get your vehicle where you need it, when you need it, without unnecessary wear and tear.

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Online Car Purchase

JMR Logistix is your go to partner of choice for online auto buyers and sellers.

With our easy scheduling, Fluid communication and the most customer satisfaction in the business. We offer a fast delivery and a personal memorable experience, whether we are delivering one vehicle or a fleet. We make it easy for you to focus on your vehicle sale or newest purchase

Military Families

Our militaries’s men and women make many sacrifices, including having to move their lives and families when duty calls. Whether your PCS orders were expected or unexpected, and whether you have months or weeks to relocate, we are here for you.  JMR Logistix offers accelerated , no-hassle car shipping at a discount for active-duty military personnel. We’ll handle your car with white glove treatment and get it to your new home without a scratch so you can focus on what matters the most.

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Car Dealership

Online purchases in the auto industry are the new norm. We can help you serve distant customers by transporting your new and pre-owned vehicles to their destinations with ultimate care. We also handle auto trades between dealers, deliveries to dealers from auctions, and much more.