Your Car Shipping Checklist

Everything you need to know when preparing for your car shipment

Shipping your car can feel like a big task. Once you find an auto transport broker that makes you feel secure with your shipment, you can move forward confidently and prepare your vehicle for transport. It’s important to stay organized with your car shipment and prep your vehicle accordingly so you can keep the process running smoothly. Let’s break down the basic checklist to keep in mind next time you are using auto transport services.

#1 - Preparing your car for inspection

Once you have found a company that works for you, you’ll have to undergo a vehicle inspection. This is beneficial for two reasons. During this step the state of the car is assessed and noted, to assure you receive it in the same condition. A good auto transport broker will make you feel comfortable with this process, and assure you your vehicle is in good hands. If you feel like your inspector is not taking this seriously, I would encourage looking for more reliable options. This step is also important to assess for leaks or damages that may be harmful to other vehicles during travel. It’s important to make sure your car is in good shape prior to the inspection to make this process easy.

#2 - Make sure you have all your paperwork

After your inspection, you will have paperwork that is needed before your movers can load your car. It’s important to stay organized and keep everything in one place for easy access. In this case, you might need your insurance, inspection paperwork, and some transporters need documentation for crossing state or country borders. I recommend keeping everything in a folder from beginning to end to make sure you can provide all necessary information.

"Your Auto Transport broker should always be there for you with any big or small questions you may have." – Juan Rincon

#3 - Clean out your car

This might seem self-explanatory for some people, but it’s a necessary step. Oftentimes cars are priced by weight, so you don’t want to hassle with added costs. Additionally, your personal items aren’t covered under insurance. It’s best to clean out everything from your car, and maybe even give it a good wash. Cars can easily become our catch-all places, but the more you clean it up for transport the happier you’ll be when you have it delivered.

#4 - Service your vehicle

It’s always a good idea to keep up with the service dates for your vehicle. If it’s been a while since you got your car serviced, it’s important to take care of this before shipment. This helps assure there are no leaks, and your vehicle is in optimal shape for transportation. This also is helpful if you’re moving your vehicle to a new climate (i.e. extreme cold or heat).

*It is recommended to have your car at half a tank of gas or 1/4 upon transport date.

#5 - Remove any non-permanent accessories from your car.

Most car transport companies ask you to remove any vehicle extras to keep transport safe for other vehicles, as well as your own. This includes lowering antennas, removing roof racks, EZ passes, and any other additions.

#6 - Don’t overlook the importance of an insured carrier.

Oftentimes when your car is being transported, it’s on a large truck with seven to ten other cars. Finding an carrier with the propert insurance policy that works for you helps keep your vehicle safe and covers all liabilities. While it’s a rarity, accidents do happen and it’s important to keep your vehicle insured. Professional auto transport brokers should assure carriers are fully insured if any damages occur.

#7 - Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

If you have any questions or concerns about transporting your vehicle, don’t hesitate to ask at your meet and greet with the carrier or anytime with your auto transport broker. It’s a great idea to arrive prepared on the day of transport, and make sure you and your broker are on the same page. Your broker should always be there for you with any big or small questions you may have.

Easing you mind every mile of the way

This is a basic checklist to prepare you for shipping your car and easing your mind along the way. It’s a good idea to double-check with your company, as some businesses have different requirements. Overall, your broker should keep you informed along the way and make the process easy. If you stay organized from the beginning, it will be a seamless transition to get your car where it needs to go.

If you are looking for auto transport services, check out our team at JMR Logistix Auto Transport. We prioritize the safety of your car every step of the way. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

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